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effects and benefits

For many years it was thought that coffee, and especially caffeine was harmful to health. In reality it is not so, indeed several have been found beneficial effects of coffee on health .
PROTECTIVE EFFECT ON LIVER : Important serological markers of liver injury are transaminases (especially ALT - alanine aminotransferase ) and GGT ( γ -glutamyl -transferase ). Several studies have shown that regular consumption of coffee results in a significant reduction of these serum markers .
- Coffee and reduced risk of liver cancer ( Hepatocellular carcinoma )
By now many studies have shown a correlation between coffee consumption and reduced risk of developing liver cancer. What was strikingly demonstrated is that, compared to those who did not drink coffee , those who ingested 3 or more cups of coffee a day had a 44% reduced risk of developing liver cancer (18). Several studies have shown that caffeine and chlorogenic acid inhibit liver carcinogenesis . E ' was thus shown that coffee has very good quality and can prevent, when taken in small quantities, many morbid condition. As with all substances introduced it is important moderation and should take no more than 3 coffees a day. For a proper lifestyle and healthy we recommend a healthy, balanced diet , daily exercise , elimination of smoking and alcoholic beverages, but you'll be glad to hear you say that it is granted ... in fact even advised taste of good coffee!