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Grappa yellow

barolo: obtained from the pomace of Nebbiolo from Barolo. E ' of amber color. It remains to rest for at least four years in small barrels . E ' of bouquet , rich and pronounced scent of vanilla and toasted. Hot, of considerable body of full character.

Grappa white

pinot chardonnay: This is a young product, conferred the herbal notes from the skins of the grapes of the vine Pinot are harmonized by the delicate fruity Chardonnay. This forms a distinct sensorial harmony , frank smell and taste. Definitely hot, singular and prolonged aftertaste.

gavi: white, lively and fresh scent, flavor, fruity, with great delicacy. Hot in the mouth, soft and slightly spicy. A slightly bitter aftertaste, but pleasant. With excellent persistence. Final honey.

barbera: Grappa made from marc specially selected. Distillate fresh, so as to retain all of its flavor variety. The batch distillation in a water bath, allows to obtain a brandy most valuable, with a well defined sensory profile.